Ferrous Casting

  • Induction Furnace Ranging from 500 kg to 3.5 Tonnes with Capacity to Hold 5 Ton Molten Metal at a Time
  • 4-station Shell Molding Lines
    • Part Weight Capacity :- 0.1 kg to 5 kg Per Piece
  • Automatic Core Shooters
    • Part Weight Capacity :- 0.05 kg to 5 kg Per Piece

  • Green Sand Mouldings Lines
    • Part Weight Capacity :- 50 kg to 5000 kg Per Piece

  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Plant
    • Part Weight Capacity :- 20000 kg Per Piece

  • Hanger Type Shot Hosting Machines
  • Multi- Table Shot Blasting Machines
  • Material Handling Equipment
  • Online Temperature Control with Spectrometer
  • Fully Modernized Equipped Lab for Supporting the Casting Infrastructure

The philosophy of social responsibility and commitment to give back to the society underlines the Diamond groups of conducting its businesses for a number of years now.